Friday, 19 April 2013

Final evaluation

This is my final evaluation. After hearing feedback from Leanne, i have changed my evaluation on features such as my dialogue  to make a better quality of sound. I also had to show our new title sequence in it.

Evaluation: Who would be the audience for your media product?

Final Title Sequecne

We have made changes to our title sequence that were suggested. We now have 4 different shots of the girls powers.
 For myself (Bubble Girl) shows a bath that had just been run and then switches to a shot of Bubble girl blowing bubbles into the bath that then makes the bath have bubbles in it, showing another shot of the bath. This shows of her power and is included with in a montage.

 Air Girl will be getting annoyed with her work and using her powers blows the work away. This, like Bubble Girl's, shows off her power.
 Fire Girl will be lighting the candles with the click of her fingers. This will include six shots of the candles being unlit to her then clicking her fingers. She will do this for each candle individually.

For Giggle Girls we have a parent shouting at her and her ending up laughing and making them go away.

In our feedback we was told to change when Giggle girls name came up as people said it was hard to read and her laughing made it look immature. Now we have posted notes that come up one letter at a time in keeping with the pace.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Evaluation Summary.

We had to make our evaluation creative, so i thought combining both our old footage and our new one to show the highs and the lows of filming. The old footage proves why we need to change and the troubles we had making it. Our mane problem was not making our storyboards detailed enough, it left us confused when filming. Another issue was our locations weren't realistic. Meaning of course that getting to the places we wanted wasn't as easy as we'd hoped.

I tried to talk at the right time as the images so what i was saying matched what i was saying. this worked on some images but not all. Whilst the images played of the old footage i tried to talk about what was wrong about them whilst giving a brief summary of the plot. However, i feel i may have rushed this as i was trying to talk fast so i didn't overlap another subject. To improve further i could add more images to the beginning. To make the beginning of the evaluation smooth i added a cross dissolve between shots as it made the sequence. This made it feel at the same pace all the way through. 

As our title sequence is quite short i had to slow down the footage to half its usual spend. This does have it benefits as it gives a long enough time to have a good look at the footage.After this had finished shots are shown of the actual production itself. This was to show off the locations and positioning of the camera. Again through this i used a cross dissolve to make it smooth.

I had some trouble using final cut pro. I was not so good with the program so when using it i found it difficult. So of the audio is bad as i cut it too early so it cuts off too quick, this is another this i am going to change when editing again. I also haven't got use to the audio levels yet. This is shown in my evaluation when some parts are louder than others. Again this can be fixed in final cut pro quickly.

I feel i have stated the main points in my piece but it could be improved further by explaining them more. I could also give more examples of the good and bad points of film making and this i would change if i could do it again.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Changes to Sequence.

This is a shot that we are going to take out. this is just before she writes her name onto the mirror. We had intended to make her laugh before she wrote the name to subtlety hint at her character, however this did not come across to the audience and they suggested we change it. Therefore we are going to change it so that she is now just writing her name and and not laughing until later on when we show her personality fully.

Changes in Filming.

Unfortunately the problem with the shot is the light being in the front rather than the back. This is far too dark to keep in our title sequence and is one that our audience pointed out to be bad. As the light is so bad it does not link in well with our target audience or the feel of the genre as we want it to be enjoyable for the audience. This is one that is going to be re shoot and we will consider lighting before filming it again.